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Improve lifestyle habits to reduce risk of serious ill-health, says National Charity Partnership

With news that more than 20 million people in the UK are putting themselves at risk of heart disease by being physically inactive, the National Charity Partnership is urging adults to think about small lifestyle changes they can make to protect their health.

Around seven million people in the UK already live with heart and circulatory disease and more than four million have Type 2 diabetes – two conditions associated with lack of exercise. The National Charity Partnership is concerned that the UK could be heading towards a major health crisis if people’s lifestyles don’t change.

Jenna Hall, programme director for the partnership, said: “Too many people still aren’t getting active regularly and this could have a devastating impact on their health. Physical inactivity can increase your risk of serious health problems like heart and circulatory disease and Type 2 diabetes - two potentially life-threatening conditions.

“We know that getting active can sometimes be easier said than done - our own research shows that lack of motivation and the price of fitness classes are two things that stop people moving more – but it’s vital to get some form of exercise in order to look after your health. Even small changes to your lifestyle like going for a walk in your local park more regularly can help to make a big difference to your health in the long-term.”

The National Charity Partnership, a collaboration between the British Heart Foundation (BHF), Diabetes UK and Tesco, supports people to get active and eat healthily to reduce their risk of heart and circulatory disease and Type 2 diabetes. Its Let's Do This campaign encourages adults to take small steps towards healthier lifestyles. For more information visit and check out our articles to help you get active.